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Reasons Why... you should love Mondays

Ok, ok I can see why this title would already have you rolling your eyes but before you click away in disgust, hear me out. There's a multitude of reasons Monday is actually your saving grace, not your biggest enemy and and it’s about time everyone got a piece of this life changing mantra! If you've got five minutes to spare you won't be disappointed you sat down and read through the reasons why it'll pay off to turn your week inside out and your Monday morning frown upside down.

For as long as I can remember there has been a stigma around Mondays. Coined as the most dreaded, horrible day of the week, Monday has a bad rep but this is all down to perception. When you really give it some thought why are we all hating so hard on the one day of the week that grants us a do –over. I mean, isn’t that what we’re always looking for anyway; the chance to it all again but this time make it better? A clean slate? Granted Monday is the barer of bad news and brings a close to the weekend but trust me it has its redeeming qualities. Change your mindset to see the start of the week as the beginning of a fresh new chapter and you'll be off to a flying start that'll continue as the days go on.

There are multiple reasons why changing your relationship with Monday is the best thing since, well, sliced bread for want of a better example. Mondays deserve some TLC. Let’s all remember long weekends would not exist without our friend Monday, think of how miserable we would be if that coveted three day mini break didn’t exist. Also for all you coffee addicts out there, Monday is literally the best excuse to over indulge in caffeine as it’s that one day if the week that requires the most focus and productivity. Monday is a planner’s dream and it can set up positive vibes for the next six days bringing a week where a feeling of satisfaction is inevitable at the end of it.

Now I’m fully aware that your affection for Monday will not be a love at first sight kind of scenario but I promise, these little tips, you’ll be head over heels in no time!

1. Wake Up Early

Leave yourself enough time for a relaxing morning routine and make sure you eat breakfast. This sets up the tone for the rest of the week and means no dash to the office with a rumbling tummy and toothpaste down your shirt.

2. Dress For Success

Feeling good on the outside is guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel like taking on the world before 9 am.

3. Make Time For Playtime

Set up fun little outings/meet ups throughout the week and schedule them on Monday so you have bits to look forward to. This way you’re not living for the weekend!

4. Exercise

Hitting the gym or taking a walk will release those feel good endorphins and have you living your best life.

5. Create a Monday Playlist

Mood boosting tunes are must have to get you out of that morning slump and pumped up for the day ahead.

6. Treat Yourself

Plan a meal with friends or cook your favourite dish at home to reward your self for getting through Monday and collapse in bed on a high.

7. Unplug at the Weekend

Give your brain a well-deserved rest so it’s fired up and ready to go for the new week.

So there you have it - a little ramble on reasons why I think you should love Mondays!

Let me know what you think in the comments below...

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