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The Grateful Show


Lucy Norris - Travelling: The Best Thing You Can Do And Why 032 - In today's episode you have the pleasure of listening to our interview with Lucy, the founder and owner of the "What It's Like... with Luce" podcast and also a freelance multimedia journalist who came to London from Dublin to follow her dreams . We dove into the differences between Asian cultures and The Western World, the importance of traveling in the development of one's perspective about the world and everything in between.

The Tribus Podcast


Episode 7: Lucy Carol Norris - “I believe everyone has a story to tell no matter how big or small you think that it is, so I just wanted to provide that platform to share people’s stories”. This interview initiates the start of our Guest episodes which are fuelled by collaboration; we hope to give you, our audience, insight into the lives of interesting, unique and inspiring people around the world. We chatted with Lucy Norris, founder of “What It’s Like With Luce”, about her podcast which highlights “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

On The Brink

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Episode 11: Emily and special (international!) guest and fellow podcaster Lucy Norris chat about Lucy's podcast "What It's Like with Luce," the pros and cons of social media, and Lucy's path to journalism!

Here For More 

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Episode 25: The Power in Storytelling & Creating Opportunity with Lucy Norris. To share your story? Or to listen to someone else’s? Lucy Norris, multimedia journalist and podcast host, tells us why there is so much POWER in both.

The Teen Whisperer Show


Episode 8: How to bring out the stories of the guest with Lucy. Topics discussed 1:03 - About Lucy 3:42 - Journalist style of podcasting 10:01 - Mistakes that I can correct 12:32 - How to find the ideal guest 17:09 - Does the podcasting future change? 22:33 - Why respect is the ultimatum? 29:38 - Do everything and regret nothing 30:47 - Starting a podcast based on Passion 35:21 - Best Tip for podcasters

Entrepreneurs Can Party

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Episode 44: In this week’s episode, I'll be joined by Lucy Norris (@lucenorris). She's a freelance multimedia journalist and host of What It’s Like with Luce podcast!

Podcast Inc.

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Mic & Talk: A blog series of interviews and talks with podcasters and some inspiring public figures. These talks tackle different topics but they all come together to be a great blog for Podcast Inc and a platform for the fans and listeners of Mic & Talk guests.

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