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Everyone has a story worth telling. 











I'm Lucy Carol Norris, multimedia journalist and host of What It's Like.. with Luce, a podcast sharing the stories of those who felt the fear and did anyway. 


Training for three years in the UK, I dedicated time and energy into learning exactly how and why storytelling is the greatest gift we've been given. 

What you're listening to is the result of this study - an interview series aiming to highlight ordinary people who have dedicated their lives to creating something extraordinary. Covering a variety of genres and topics, expect to hear nuggets of wisdom from entrepreneurs young and old, viral social media sensations, authors, designers, F2 drivers, DJs and more. 

Sharing their secrets to success, I hope these episodes inspire and motivate you to create your own opportunities, after all if you don't who will? 

I want to hear it all so if you think you've got a tale to tell, don't hesitate to reach out and let's chat! Join in the conversation by using #createopportunity when you post on social media and we'll make the world a more innovative place one little life story at a time - we'll try at least! 

Enough rambling, it's time to listen but before you click away I'll leave you with this one question: 

"If you could sit in front of your 10 year old self, having been through EVERYTHING you've been through now, what's the biggest piece of advice you'd give your younger self moving forward in life?" 


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