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Reasons Why... podcasting is great for business

When looking at avenues to promote products, services or whatever it is you've decided to sell, there's no better way to spread the word than on a podcast. Whether it be setting out to create your own show under the branding of your company or making an effort to schedule a bunch of guest podcast appearances, this is the ideal way to make your grand entrance into the world of consumerism and mark your space in your chosen industry. I know for some it'll take some convincing that this is the way forward so I won't waste anymore time waffling in an introduction - here's reasons why I think podcasting is GREAT for business...

1. Low costs, Big rewards

Unlike other forms of media, producing a podcast will cost you very little, we're talking a few hundred euros on a decent mic and editing software to get you started. In actual fact, you really could get the whole show off the road from the iPhone in the palm of your hand but in terms of achieving great quality I advise you start with a USB microphone of some kind, laptop and an editing suite such as Adobe Audition. All you need then is an empty room, a table, chairs and some butts to fill them. Forget what you know about traditional marketing and the huge budgets attached to it and just sit down with a cup of tea for a chat - you'd be surprised at how far it'll take you. Brainstorm a topic you'd like to cover, speak on it yourself or invite a guest to add some layering and hit record. Editing afterwards is a simple technique to learn that'll take you two minutes and spread the word on social media by creating images on Canva and audio grams on Headliner (all free to use). It's that simple so in the words of Phil Knight, "Just Do It!"

2. Ultimate Marketing Tool

It's not enough these days to simply slap an ad on a billboard and be done with it. People want to get into the nitty gritty of a brand's operations, they want to know who's selling it, why it works and more importantly who is else is using it and why they should to. As discussed above, to answer all these questions won't cost you a bomb so take a deep breath and let me talk you through it. Having a mouthpiece on the internet that is completely yours to say and do what you want, is priceless in this digital age. Podcasting is so much better than just operating an Instagram page or Facebook channel. It allows you to explain yourself in a long form, colloquial manner that becomes accessible to anyone interested enough to click play. Here you have the chance to fully express your brand message or whatever mission statement / topic you really want people to hear but the one minute Instagram video won't allow you the time to. You can be transparent, open, honest and cut all the business jargon to pair things back to basics and convey the simple passion you have for your industry that kicked things off in the first place. Now some of you may be thinking, "Well, why don't I just start a Youtube Channel then, everyone's saying video is the new IT thing" and yes I would agree video is a strong contender in terms of accessing consumer interest BUT it's limited. With a podcast, you're hitting the gym-goers, walkers, commuters that are packed in like sardines and don't have the luxury of space to hold out their phone for video consumption. There's a reason video hasn't killed the radio star just yet people and this is it - complete ease and access whenever, wherever! (of course, the flip side is once you have a podcast you can start video recording episodes anyway if you want so really it's a win-win)

3. Break Barriers

As mentioned before, it's become more and more apparent that people buy into people much more than they buy into things. It's exactly for this reason that social media influencing works as an industry. In a falsified world full of inauthentic materialistic mentalities, people are crying out for transparency, honesty and the buzz world of 2019, 'authenticity'. I think by now you know what I'm going to say about how to achieve this but I'm telling you podcasting works better than any other in this sphere. Having a piece of content that relies solely on voice to draw in listeners is the stripped back, vulnerable version of your favourite pop song that you go crazy for at their concert. Throw out the gimmicks, leave the costumes, TV personality and heavy makeup at home and just be yourself. Let down the corporate walls, tell them what you really think, interact with guests in a warm, welcoming manner and ramble relaxedly till the cows come home on your topic and why it is a game changer. This is your chance to have people buy into YOU as the mastermind behind the product and I guarantee you sales will come flooding in there after.

4. Access New Markets

Despite it being around a lot longer than we think, podcasting is still a relatively unspoiled industry that's sitting there waiting for you to make good use of. Through launching with this medium, you're gaining access to users that may not have had a vested interest in your industry before but now you're providing some value to them. I touched on it above but you really do have access all areas with a podcast as it is one of the most accessible forms of media going at the moment. Walking is the new phenomenon thanks to our friend Ms Corona so every time someone laces up their running shoes, there's an opportunity to convert a new client and sell your vision.

5. Cross Promotion via Guest Appearances

The modern day chat show, it is no longer a celebrity privilege to be invited onto a sofa to promote your business. Podcasting is a great way to, in a positive way, hop on the coat tails of someone else's audience. Avid podcasters are always looking for guests to share their insights, stories and wisdom so booking an appearance couldn't be easier or more instantaneous. Forget taking weeks to plan out a press tour and travel night, noon and morning just to let people know you and your business exist. It is now possible to sit in your living room and squeeze a week of press appearances into a matter of hours by investing time in guesting on podcasts. With a ton of shows to choose from and most people collaborating free of charge as a way for themselves to generate content, you can speak to hundreds of new ears for absolutely nothing. Just scratch the podcaster's back too by sharing the episode on your brand's social channels and helping them promote their show - that way everyone's happy out!

6. Personal Branding

This is a concept that has been thrown around a lot in recent years and as I pointed out above, a real help when getting new business off the ground. Being your own brand sells your business without lifting a finger. The concept roots itself right back into the realm of celebrity endorsement and nowadays influencer marketing. We're humans not robots so I guess it does make sense that people who show the consumer who they are before pushing a service or product in their face, will have a better chance of having that stranger buy into the idea. There's a cultivated sense of honesty that has been established behind the effort to put a face to the brand. I'm not claiming to be a marketing expert but through my observations I'd say it works better than most other attempts at selling I've witnessed. I don't think I need to spell it out again but for all the reasons listed above, having a podcast is THE way to tell people who you are and why they should trust you and therefore your business by association.

So there you have it - reasons why I think podcasting is an amazing way to market your business!

Let me know what you think in the comments below...

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