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Reasons Why... Canva is the secret to social media success

If you don't already know about this wondrous app then honestly, you've been missing out. Introduced to the platform during my time at university, I have never had such a life altering experience as my first time logging in to what would become the mecca of all my media creations - okay perhaps it wasn't LIFE altering but it did have a colossal impact on my working habits and saved a hell of a lot of time when it came to creating, we'll pretty much any form of media I needed, online or otherwise. Struggling with social media promotion for business? Dying to make a CV stand out but have no idea how? Been slaving over that infographic for weeks not knowing where to start? Well, keep reading to find the answer to all your problems. Here's reasons why the app, Canva, is the secret to social media (and media in general) success...

1. Completely Free to Use

Perhaps the most attractive part of this platform is that, unlike most things these days, it'll cost you absolutely nothing to use. Download it to a mobile device or have it open on a laptop and get to work on your designs without spending a penny. Admittedly there are a select range of fonts and graphics that'll cost you extra but with the immense choice on there, you won't really need to tap into the paid for items. In terms of storage, you can opt to go pro for unlimited space but in nearly five years of using it, I've never had to go that far so I think it's safe to say you're covered in that area too.

2. Templates Galore

Whatever it is you're trying to create, I'd be shocked if you couldn't find multiple templates for it on this app. Spend some time scrolling through the home page and you'll immediately be met with mountains of outlines for Instagram posts, YouTube banners, business cards, logos, brochures and even CVs. Not only do they cater for pretty much any document, graphic or events and marketing supplement you'd ever need to create, they also provide a selection of categories within each template to make sure you're suiting the occasion to a tee. In addition to providing the material, the app also saves all your previous designs in a library so that you can edit templates you've already created, making it super easy to plan business social media accounts and update as needed.

3. Pocket Graphic Designer

In today's world, aesthetic is everything. Making things look pretty is just as important as the actual substance of the brand messaging and product explanation. If your post isn't eye-catching or your business plan isn't 'impressive' in terms of being visually appealing, you're setting yourself back before you've even started. Never fear, however, as Canva is here to save the day once again. This app is literally like having a graphic designer in your pocket. Whether you improve on templates already there or create them from scratch using the fonts and graphics provided by the platform, you can build your whole brand in one place, whether that be product based or personal. This app breaks down that barrier for the more creatively challenged amongst us as it literally does the work for you if you want it too.

4. No Medium is Left Behind

As I gushed about in the point regarding templates above, this app doesn't discriminate. Whether you're looking for an animated social post, a static intro for a YouTube channel, a thumbnail, Instagram story, portfolio, A4 posters, video - listen you name it and this app will do it. I can't stress enough how easy it has been for me to get all my media creations done on here and how much time it has saved not having to mess around in back ends of sites to produce cool portfolios or try and work magic on Word to make magnificent posters. This is a one stop shop to visual content and for me, it's been the absolute ultimate work hack!

5. Collaborative Community

Another feature on here that will come in handy if you're operating with a number of cooks in the kitchen, is the create a team button that allows you to share designs with invited guests. This means no more downloading and sending uneditable PDFs back and forth for approval. You can work on designs together in-app by sharing and make changes in a collaborative manner with your team no matter what corner of the world you've landed in this week. Once you've created your team you can also then set up specific groups to ensure the right people are working on the right stuff!

So there you have it - a little ramble on reasons why I think Canva is the secret to content creation success.

(This is in no way a sponsored post, by the way, I'm just sharing a little life hack I've picked up along the way so that you can avail of it too!)

Let me know what you think in the comments below...

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